A good school is one which takes care of its pupils in a manner that enables them to get a sound foundation of dealing with life.In addition to it is essential for a school to transmit knowledge of various subjects that are considered necessary in a way that the pupils are able to grasp the ideas and also appreciate them in my opinion a school needs to focus not only in academic instruction but also on physical development,mental/intellectual growth,sensitivity to cultural issues and other such aspects which are essential aspects of life. It is essential for a school to transmit moral and ethical value to the children. The child should get a broadening of the vision to enable him to deal with the world as a global village. Efforts need to be made to enhance the confidence level in every child. The School must ensure that a sound foundation is laid for a child to become a good citizen of his country. A child must have feelings of caring,sharing,compassion,mercy and other such qualities which would enable him to become humane in his nature. A basic requirement is that a child must learn to respect his parents,teachers,seniors' members of the society etc. I wish that school will always strive putting all its resources for excellence in education following the Modern trends of educational reforms initiated by the Govt. In order to enable the student to face the challenge of the world for a better tomorrow and would also like to fulfill the dreams of our founding father adding and evolving several education institutions to enrich legacy left to me in form of INDIRA GANDHI MEMORIAL Group of School in Kolkata and other parts of the nation in the years to come.

School will be closed on account of Id-Uz-Zoha on 13th September

Indira Education Trust and All India Education Trust Regd. 456,P.K Guha Road,Dum Dum,Kolkata-700 028 was formed with the sole motive of augmenting planned & efforts of spreading education,eradicating illiteracy and uplifting the educative standards of the learners towards excellence by estRead More

  • 2016-09-15-School will be closed on account of Id-Uz-Zoha on 13th September